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Cellar Door’s history, like the history of its members, bears little resemblance to the chrome sheen of
the “Summer of ’69” band stories which are so out of favor today; then again, it’s not really typical indie
fodder either. Joel Looper (guitar, vocals) and Caleb Farmer(bass) were college roommates and, though
they co-hosted a radio show, founded an inchoate (or rather stillborn) music criticism and discussion
website, and spent most waking hours soaking in Neil Young, Miles Davis, and the indie bands of the
hour, little productive writing came out of those years.

But lost love and long-term unemployment do strange things to people. In Joel’s case, this meant
an eruption of melody-driven folk and Americana, songs which suddenly began to appear in early
2010 when he was living in Michigan, emanating from strange, deep places, places not entirely
comfortable being viewed in the daylight. Of course, we’re not talking about exhibitionism, little Lolitas,
or hackneyed “I can’t live without you”s. With the addition of Ryn Farmer (vocals), these new songs,
especially Late in the Night, High Fever, and Most Prayers, are able to touch on those moments when,
to channel Nietzsche, you stare into the abyss and the abyss returns the favor, moments when faith and
the goodness of life are on trial.

Musically, these moments arose through unorthodox bass work, the collision of Ryn’s and Joel’s voices,
and a sparseness, an intentional space which allows the vocals to engage the listener with their own
intricate qualities. Once these songs “happened,” Cellar Door knew they needed to be heard.

The songs written in 2010 were rarely autobiographical. Often, the speaker—for instance, the one in The
Old Hitchhiker—is obviously more than a bit cracked. His story has left him with few answers, though he
doesn’t mind giving unsolicited advice: “The wind blows weird my friend, so you might well see it too./
You’ll wake up one day and the sun will be a little dimmer than before./When that happens, man, you
must get out of there.” It’s as if you’d picked up a haggard, suddenly-old Will Oldham who, for some
unknown reason, was dead set on getting to El Paso.

The characters in Au Passant, Eviction Notice, and Chicago are no less lost in their own bizarre labyrinths
of poverty and personal insecurities. Swimming in his dark, dramatic hubris, the failed hipster of Chicago
feels the need to announce at the end of the bridge, “I’m my own protagonist, you know,/ and you flat
extras are expendable.” Classy.

But it’s just that sense of being exposed, of being without options which gives Cellar Door their
particular je ne se quoi ; it’s a feeling which everyone’s had, which is probably why their music stays with
you on the ride home from the show.


released January 17, 2012




Cellar Door Waco, Texas

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Track Name: Late in the Night
Late in the night
When I'm driving home and it is just me and you
Why? I'm still alone
I don't know my love I only wish I knew
Late in the Night
When there's no one here my thoughts of us are skewed
I'll lie again
To myself and hope your someone I can't lose
Someone I can't lose
Track Name: High Fever
Fields blur far as I see
Hot sun and moribund industry
Bathe my soul in forgetfulness

Where were peace and pleasure?
As if some high fever
Had broken when we parted ways

We can say what we want,
but now we know they were right (x2)
It would have been hell

If your god is freedom
Chase the wind where it runs
Freedom from, not freedom to

Well, go it alone then
Take your guns to Washington
You just might solve America’s problems

We can say what we want,
but now we know they were right (x4)
It would have been...
Track Name: Most Prayers
The snow fell in droves
covered fence posts and roads

It fell all the night and Ohio grew still
he wandered outside into the moons stolid light
But I stayed behind in the glow of TV

They say you know, say you know
That which we’re all running toward
But sometimes I find, I can’t envision a time
when all will be right with the world

Though the Lord watch above
I've been able to love
less oh and less as the years have gone by

So please haste the day
before I fall by the way
fore I grow cold as stone in this winter moons light

They say you know, say you know
That which we’re all running toward
But sometimes I find, I can’t envision a time
when all will be right with the world